George Popides

Hello and welcome. My name is George and i'm a Software Engineer.
Currently I'm living in Amsterdam where i work for Katanox as Full Stack Engineer. Before that, i was living in Thessaloniki, Greece where i studied and got my degree in Applied Informatics, at University of Macedonia. My career started in 2018, where i started working at Dataverse as a Full Stack Engineer.
These are the tools that i use daily in my work:
  • Kotlin - Spring Boot
  • PHP - Laravel
  • Typescript - ReactJS & VueJS
  • GO - Fiber


Have you heard about those lucky people that enjoy their work? Well it looks like that i am one of them :).
One my main hobbies, is Software Engineering so i spend some of my free time to learn new things about it, which i may not have the opportunity or the need to learn at my job. For example, i enjoy spending time with working on distributed systems using my mini Raspberry Pi cluster. Apart from that, i enjoy reading books (mostly novels), exercising, going for walks and trips. Also, i enjoy music a lot, so it will be most likely that i will be wearing headphones most of the time.
Lastly, well i like animals. Especially cats.

Preferred programming languages and frameworks

Languages and frameworks are tools so you have to use the right ones for the right job. Nevertheless almost everyone has his preferred tools so here are mine:
  • Elixir: I really like working with functional languages and usually i tend to use the same patterns if possible in non functional languages. I find it easier to express and solve problems using these patterns.
    Elixir is one of them and when i discovered it, it became one of the languages that i really like working with. Being a language built on top of Erlang, whose purpose was to build fault taulerant and concurrent systems, it makes it one of my favourite languages since i enjoy working with distributed systems. Also, it has a nice community.
  • Kotlin: While i enjoy Elixir, i prefer typed languages so in this case i choose Kotlin. Being a JVM language which tries to be a better Java and also provides stuff taken from functional languages, i would say it's a very nice language to work with.
  • TypeScript: While i prefer working with backends, being a Full Stack Engineer nowadays you are supposed to work with JavaScript. As i mentioned previously i prefer typed languages and in the case of JavaScript this is very important because of it's quirks, TypeScript makes it more pleasant for me to work on the frontend.